Biotanika brings pharmaceutical rigor to natural health.

We began with the plan to develop natural pain-relief products according to stringent pharmaceutical standards. The result was three unique and effective formulas to help you conquer the day pain free. Our products are alternatives to prescription medication and target three key areas of discomfort: joint pain, muscle pain, and inflammation.

Clinically Effective: We used independent clinical trials to select botanically-sourced active ingredients for our products. These ingredients were then combined into our three proprietary pain-relief formulas. Further clinical studies sponsored by Biotanika reported consistent pain-relief from patients experiencing joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation.

Safe and Tested: Our products are insured by third party laboratories’ Certificate of Analysis, which guarantee the accuracy of our ingredient labels and the safety of our products. Samples of every batch are tested to ensure that our product labels are accurate and that any contaminants are at or below the levels established for safe human consumption.